Activist consultants lobbying for nature


Purpose driven consultancy

The Textile Revolution is a purpose driven consultancy that assist textile companies and public organizations in their green transition.

We work to break with old-fashioned linear business models and instead encourage circular solutions where sustainability is an integral part of every company.

How we create value

We are activists lobbying for nature by raising awareness of the massive negative impact that the textile industry has on our planet.

Through partnerships with the most ambitious actors that positively stands out from the rest of the industry, we push for a textile industry with a positive impact on the world. 

Why we need a revolution

Globally, the textile industry accounts for 10% of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

The production and consumption of textiles cause significant pressures on the environment and climate change. The impact is related to mainly land and water used to produce the fibres; but also fossil fuels and chemical dyes used in manufacturing and production, and release of microfibres from synthetic clothes.

At the same time, we produce nearly twice as much clothes as just two decades ago, but use it only half as much. This creates huge problems with overconsumption and overproduction. On average, each person in the EU consume 14.8 kg of textiles per year. Globally, only 25% of all textiles are reused, and less than 1% is recycled.

Advisory boards

Knowledge sharing and collaboration are pervasive in everything we do. For this reason we participate in a number of advisory boards and councils, where we can offer professional sparring and solutions to move towards absolute sustainability in the textile industry.

The team

Esben Licht

Co-founder & CEO

Mail: esben@tekstilrevolutionen.dk
Phone: (+45) 2065 6763

Markus Hatting

Co-founder & Head of Research

Mail: markus@tekstilrevolutionen.dk
Phone: (+45) 4243 6612

Maite Andicoechea

Researcher on EU legislations

Mail: maite@tekstilrevolutionen.dk