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Is your company ready for the new EU requirements?


Avoid any unpleasant legislative surprises


Get milestones and make sure you never miss a deadline.


Skip searching for and reading all the directives. Spend your time implementing.

“This is going to be my bible and worksheet for the next couple of years. I love that it is concrete, that it has a checklist that I can follow and make sure that I am on the right track. Moreover, I like that it has brief and plain-English explanations of the initiatives that I can use with colleagues and in communication.”

Mette Tvilling, Head of CSR & Sustainability at BY MALENE BIRGER

I feel like the tool is a life vest. It allows me to excel because I do not have to worry about missing something important, I can focus all of my energy on implementation, which is where I can create value for the company.”

Katja Dam Kristensen, Sustainability & Compliance Specialist at KENTAUR

Our experience is that many companies are missing the clear overview over their journey. 

  • Is CSRD important for your company?
  • Who would be a good software partner for DPP?
  • When should you start collecting data?


Strategic Insights

Input key business data to generate a comprehensive Company Profile. Uncover vital EU initiatives and critical compliance deadlines.

Visualized Progress and Clarity

Transform your Company Profile into a visual timeline and a targeted to-do list. Receive concise, plain-English briefs on relevant initiatives. The outcome? A 30-40 page report, easily shareable for a clear compliance strategy.

Dynamic and Proactive

Our system updates to the current legislative reality so you can stay up to date and adapt your plans if needed. Stay informed with quarterly email updates.

Is your company ready for the new EU requirements?

In the next few years, the EU will implement new legislation that will significantly affect many textile companies. Textile companies will need to improve transparency and stricter consequences will be imposed for greenwashing.

Failing to live up to the new regulations will not only result in fines but also deep reputational damage.

A tsunami of legislation

The legislation is not one piece of law specific to the textile industry. The regulations are in different legislation and will be applied in different timing. It can seem overwhelming. That’s why we have developed an overview of the 14 EU requirements that will be implemented over the next few years.

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The Fit For EU Programme guides you to get ready for the changes and increase your business potential.

Four significant areas of legislation

There are four key areas in which the future legislative landscape is changing the EU market. This will drastically affect textile companies inside EU. That is why we have tailored an educational programme for you, that want to be ahead of the legislative curve.

Design & Production

New requirements are on the way regarding the design and production phase, including, types of materials used, how durable and easy to repair a product is.

Digitalization, Data & Transparency

Supply chain transparency will no longer be optional, instead social and environmental due diligence will need to get done and documented.


The era of documentation-free communication is over. All promotion of social and environmental claims must be documented and accessible to consumers.


Sustainability will play a key role in future investments, both by investment funds and private investors. The transition will specially bring requirements regarding reporting.

Get compliant with EU

The FIT FOR EU-programme guides you to get ready for the changes and increase your business potential.


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