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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method to measure and calculate the environmental impacts of a product, service or system throughout its entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials and production, to use and disposal.

Applying LCA is essential to understand and quantify your products’ environmental performance over its lifecycle.

LCA can be used as a tool for decision-making, documentation and building reputation.

3 benefits from an LCA

An LCA study will give you deep insights to the supply chain of your product and its environmental footprint. This makes LCA particularly good for documentation, decision-making and building your company reputation.

decision-making tool

LCA helps to identify areas where the environmental impacts in the life cycle of a product are the largest. It can give you recommendations on how to reduce them, and facilitate decision-making.


LCA can be used to document your environmental impacts and demonstrate compliance with the coming EU legislation. It can also support your company’s green claims and thereby avoid greenwashing.


To undergo and publish an LCA study can improve your brand reputation. By being transparent about your environmental impacts and how you tackle them will make your company stand out as trustworthy and ambitious.

Insights you get from an LCA study

Applying an LCA will give you several benefits for environmental sustainability, including the ability to make a  multi-criteria analysis across environmental categories such as water consumption, land use, human health, ecotoxicity, etc.

LCA can help you identify the most significant stages in your product’s life cycle and provide insights into the supply chain, and also facilitate closer collaboration with suppliers.

LCA is a supply chain management tool to reduce your environmental impact through data-based recommendations.

The results you can use for green communication and document compliance with EU legislation, and above all, improve your brand’s reputation by showing your commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

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